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Installing Sendex

Sendex is installed using NodeJS & npm, so make sure you have that installed. You can find the installation for Node here. Once Node is installed, run the install command for Sendex.

$ npm i -g sendex

This will install the Sendex CLI tool globally. To test the installation, run:

$ sendex

If installed successfully, you should see the following output:

Usage: index [options] [command]
Options:  -h, --help                display help for command
Commands:  init                      Setup an sendex project  new [method] [endpoint]   Create a new request  run [method] [endpoint]   Execute a request and save the response to a file  peek [method] [endpoint]  Execute a request and view the response in the terminal  clean                     Delete all saved responses  test [endpoint]           Test an API endpoint  help [command]            display help for command